23 Mar 2021

Toni helped me through a tough time in work by allowing me to manage work stress a lot better.


07 Mar 2021

I’m so glad that I reached out for a therapist and found Toni. She helped me reduce my anxiety and depression and transition into a new job and was so easy to talk to. I would recommend her very highly.


15 Feb 2021

Toni has helped me go through possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through in life. I feel so much better now and have acquired healthier habits to cope. She’s taught me how to stop and analyse certain situations and to let go of things I can’t control. I’ve also enjoyed our sessions as she made me feel like I was talking to someone I can trust with zero judgements. I feel so much happier now and so much more in control of my life. Thanks Toni!!


31 Jan 2021

Toni provided me the support and the help I deeply needed. Thanks to her, I am now a better person, and I feel a lot less anxious about my problems. Going through therapy with her helped me to fix ongoing issues in my life that I had no clue how to solve. It was incredibly relieving to know that I had someone so trust-worthy and non-judgemental to talk to. She always came up with well spotted advices and listened to everything I had to say. I couldn’t recommend her more; she is a great therapist and you can trust her to help you feeling better.


Nov 2020

Toni is a breath of fresh air. Very insightful, down to earth, full of energy, with the ability to guide you through a very challenging situation with subtly and compassion. I’d highly recommend her services. She made a big difference to my life. And I’m sure she would to yours too.


Aug 2020

Toni has been incredible, it was as easy as talking to a dear friend. The exercises given to me have helped tremendously and I can’t thank her enough. 🙂


I found Toni through Anxiety UK, and am so very glad I did! I have under gone counselling before through my local IAPT team, but started to ‘fall back off the rails’ and needed some guidance to find my feet and solutions to overcome my work based anxiety. Toni was fantastic, and helped me to put logic behind my thinking, and develop solutions to address my over thinking and panicking. I still use these methods in my day to day life, and find myself stopping, thinking how Toni would recommend I approach the situation that’s making me anxious, and then start a zig zag form mentally, to find more logical thoughs and conclusions. The world is a very different place to the last time I spoke with Toni, but she has given me the tools to be able to approach it logically, and I know she is still there if I have a bit of a wobble! Warm, friendly, and knowledgeable, everything you need to get you back onto the right track again


June 2020

I have been seeing Toni for a short amount of time after feeling really low and needing someone to talk to. I have found that in the months’ worth of sessions I have had with her, I already feel so much more positive and less anxious. She has been really supportive during a difficult time in my life and I feel I have come out a better, happier person for it. I know that despite the fact I didn’t have that many sessions, I can go back and see Toni if I feel it is necessary in the future. Couldn’t recommend enough as its lovely to have someone so non-judgemental to talk to when you do not feel yourself. 


June 2020

I’ve been seeing Toni regularly for a couple of months and she has really helped me to change the way my brain works in regards to not only my outlook on life but in every day tasks.
I really struggled with simple things when it came to my mental health but in a small amount of time her positivity and encouragement has helped me to progress and grow in so many ways I was beginning to think were impossible.
I always thought seeking help would be a scary experience but her friendly, non-judgemental manner has made the process almost easy and I look forward to our sessions each week.
I cannot recommend her enough and would easily advise anyone who needs it to seek her help and be free of any worries or woes!

M x

May 2020

Kenny Martin
There is one word which covers off Toni perfectly and that is ENTHUSIASTIC which rubs off on me and gets me encouraged to pursue training / coaching for myself plus my team.

Apr 29, 2019

Mahoney Jay (Jay)
Hello Toni

First, I have really enjoyed our coaching sessions. I always come away with a ton of ideas and action items. I don’t have any”areas to improve” but I can say that the format in which you have approached our calls has been very effective for me. In particular, helping me help myself while still gaining an understanding of my current situation and relating it back to your experience. The probing questions you asked helped me suss out the items that are a priority and what the next step is that I can take.

Overall, it has been a great experience receiving coaching from you.

Apr 29, 2019

Wen Yan Yun (Yan Yun)
Dear Toni Thank you so much for your help in coach session. It’s very helpful and really hope we can enjoy a long coach journey. What I am thinking is that during the 1 hour coaching, we can divide it into two parts. One part is for me, which means I will have some problems for work and ask for your help or suggestion. In another part, could you please give more suggestion or teach me something about communication skills with manager, among team or external, tips to deal with different work, and how to performance well? Because I think this is very helpful and useful to me to improve myself in the work and career. I will be very appreciate to learn. Many Thanks. 

Apr 26, 2019

“When I think of Toni, positivity, enthusiasm and compassion spring to mind.  I’ve known Toni for many years and feel she has always been so supportive so to now be counselling and coaching, she has found her forte.  In just a few weeks, I am so impressed that she has taught me the right techniques to change my outlook on life and made such a difference to my behaviours.  Toni really is thought provoking and the most non-judgemental, positive person I have had the pleasure to know.  I thoroughly recommend coaching or counselling or both services with Toni as it will improve your life.”